Let's Watch Netflix Together

Watch Netflix Together is a free Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix shows with friends and loved ones in sync together.

Share moments together even when you're thousands of miles apart ❤️

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"It's so easy to use. and, it has emojis!"

How does it work?

SPOILER ALERT: It's super simple. Just follow the steps and enjoy watcthing Netflix together!

1. Get the Chrome extension

Click here to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Create a session

Go to netflix.com, click on the extension icon, and then click 'Create Session'.

3. Share the link

Click on 'copy link' and send the link to the people who you want to watch Netflix together with.

4. Enjoy your movie or series!

That's it! The extension will automatically sync the playback of your video. You can chat in the sidebar, emojis included. Enjoy! ❤️



This Chrome Extension was published in April 2020 and we are continually improving it. Send us your feedback to our facebook page.

P.S. Due to the coronavirus, the Chrome Web Store is not allowing users to post reviews, so while our extension is being enjoyed by many, the review count unfortunately remains empty as we only released this during the pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone need to have their own Netflix logins?

Yes, Watch Netflix Together relies on everyone having their own Netflix login.

How can I submit suggestions or feedback?

You can click on the Messenger icon in the bottom right of this page and send us a message there.

Made with ❤️ in a time of Corona

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Send us your feedback to our facebook page.